Argan oil body butter (2 pack)

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The most dynamic product in our catalogue. This is what we call an all purpose butter. Use it as a moisturiser, healing creaming, foot cream… heck even for hair styling (medium hold).

100% natural and preservative free.

An incredibly rich yet simple formula with a mix of Argan oil, pure mango butter, cold-pressed hazelnut oil and kaolin clay whipped to perfection. Perfect for dry skin, VERY LITTLE of this butter keeps your moisturised so much longer than commercial body lotions.


  1. Comes in plastic-free aluminium packaging
  2. Best used at night on hands, feet and rest of the body to heal and rejuvenate your skin.
  3. The product works well on stretch marks, blemishes and dry skin.
  4. It can also be used as a day moisturizer for extra dry skin.


Argan oil | Mango butter | Cold-pressed hazelnut oil | Kaolin clay | Lavender essence | Geranium essential oil | Vitamin E oil

Net weight: 45 grams each



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