Foaming bath and shower oil with hemp seed oil – Mandarin, Lavender and Vetiver EO - 200 ml

Aroha Nature Products

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A luxurious bath oil which marries the moisturising properties of oil with the cleansing power of a body wash. It is perfect for dry to extra dry skin especially during winter, to keep flaky skin at bay and reducing itching from dryness.



What’s in it?

Sunflower oil, almond oil, olive oil, sorbitan Oleate, Hempseed oil, Vetiver fragrance oil, lavender essential oil, mandarin essential oil


How to use?

Get your body wet with a bit of water. Take product on in your hand and apply all over the body. Now apply some more water to activate the foaming agent, to create froth. Clean your body and then rinse off the product. You will be left with a clean skin and a pleasant moisturised feel, unlike after a soap both.



Net volume: 200ml

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