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An all natural deodorant made using mango butter and a striking blend of citrus oils. The product is not just skin-safe but skin-loving, because it is aluminium-free and has zero parabens, alcohol or any toxic chemicals.

Our pocket deos are housed in cute 12 gram sticks which literally disappear in your fists, BUT also last you longer than a month.


Usage information 

1. Aroha deodorants are meant primarily to curb body odour and not as a substitute for perfumes like spray deos.
2. Since we use essential oils for aroma, the scent will not be aggressive like synthetic fragrances.
3. Apply thin layer under your arms like a roll-on. After application let the product dry for a few second before dressed to avoid staining on light clothes.
4. In cold weather (below 25 degrees) if product hardens, touch it against your skin and it will soften from body heat and spread easily.
5. The product gives varying results based on body chemistry. Apply every 5-6 hours on especially active days.
6.  Do not apply on broken skin. Always a good idea to do a patch test before continued used. If you develop rash or irritation on skin please discontinue use.


Pure mango butter | Virgin cold pressed coconut oil | Bees wax | Baking soda | Arrowroot powder | Non-nano zinc oxide | Stearic acid | Vitamin-E | Essential oils (Grapefruit, Neroli)

Net weight: 12 grams

Alcohol-free, Aluminium-free, Paraben-free, No chemical preservatives.

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