Is your deodorant a spray or a roll on?

Our deodorants are not in the form of a spray. We are similar to a roll-on in application but different in form. Roll-ons are liquid serums while our product is a stick with a shea butter base. You push the cream stick from the bottom, apply it under your arms and put the lid back. The stick has the texture of a cream moisturizer and spreads easily on the skin. Aroha combines the function of a natural deodorant cream with the convenience of a roll-on.



How long does the effect last?

Aroha deodorant gives 24 hour protection from body odour. We have tested them on a number of body types with remarkable results. The scent itself lasts anywhere between 5-8 hours.

Is it also an antiperspirant?

No. We did not formulate our deodorant to act as an antiperspirant and are hence aluminium-free. We do not encourage using antiperspirants as sweating is a natural process and a good way to rid yourself off toxins.

Is it a substitute for a perfume?

No. Our deodorants are primarily a hygiene tool and not a replacement for a perfume. We would still encourage you to use a perfume, just not on your skin. Fragrances are strong formulas and can adversely affect your skin. A general thump rule is, the longer the effect of a perfume the more unsafe it is to apply directly on the skin.

What are the active ingredients in Aroha deodorants?

Baking powder and virgin coconut oil are two of nature’s best antibacterials and are very good at stopping body odour. We use them as our active ingredients. The essential oils also play a role in controlling body bacteria.

What is the shelf life you promise?

With proper care our products can last 2 years, but we promise a 1 year shelf because we don’t use chemicals in them. The paper packaging is also designed to be oil resistant to a large extent.

How long will the product last me?

50 gram portions can last between 2 months - 3 months based on usage.

Should i be afraid of allergies?

People with sensitive skin can be slightly allergic to baking soda, but that is in very rare cases. Also if you are allergic to certain essential oils, please make sure you select the appropriate variant of our deodorant to suit your skin.