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When we shop for personal care products - from body lotions to fash wash - seldom do we pay attention to the health benefits of the products we use. Our expectations tend to be more  concerned with the look and feel, and textures of the products, and of course,  how great they make us smell. Odd isn’t it, what decades of advertising can do to our priorities?

Truth be told, while the products might be good for our vanity in an aesthetic sense, they might even be detrimental in the long run, with lasting side effects. Which is why it’s real important for us to seek out ingredients that can really make our skin, hair and toes, breathe.  

Body butter is one such power ingredient, which not only hydrates the skin, it also keeps out the toxins. Unlike your average body lotion, which is 70% water and in general, a cocktail of chemicals, a body butter actually penetrates the skin, instead of merely creating a layer over it (the reason why you apply that average body lotion a zillion times to make the skin “feel” soft).

On the other hand, small amounts of body butter - a concoction of essential oils (derived from plant extracts), shea butter (extracted from the nut of the African shea tree) and regular oils like coconut and jojoba - moisturise the skin, and keep it supple for longer periods of time.

Another ingredient of repute is beeswax (not to be consumed like honey). This wax, produced by young bees through their abdomens, eventually serves as the raw material used by the bees to  meticulously craft those hexagonal blocks that make up the honeycomb! These ‘building blocks’ are a labour of love by the bees, created by them to protect the honey. This is possible because the wax, itself has antimicrobial qualities. When used in personal care products, beeswax helps keep the rashes and acne at bay. It even has therapeutic qualities, which is why a dollop of beeswax can be applied to heal minor burn wounds.

Of course, the effectiveness of both ingredients in personal care products depends a lot on the overall composition of the product, itself. At Aroha we use body butter and beeswax in their purest forms as a base to keep skin well-moisturised, fresh and free from harm.

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