Dr Meeta’s #BeNatural mantra: ‘Do what makes your soul happy’

What we love most about starting a business we believe in, is engaging with the awesome people who buy our products, because they believe, too. Dr Meeta Sharma, is one such individual, whose enthusiasm for life is infectious! We capture her #BeNatural mantras...

Dr Meeta, tell us a lil’ about yourself...
I am a psychologist and holistic healer; I practise Energy Psychology & Energy Medicine and am a pioneer for this work in India. I call it “healing from the inside out”. My work has always been about living in harmony with Mother Nature and that is pretty much what I am about.

What makes you tick?!
Anything that nourishes my soul - soul food, travelling, dancing, just being in nature, music in any form, animals, yoga, interesting people, good book over a hot cuppa', good vibes. Let it flow!

Our campaign #BeNatural is all about being authentic. What’s your take on keeping things real?
I’m all for being authentic. We live in an age where we are conditioned to think and act in a certain way - live a comfortable life, have enough money, be the perfect employee, child or parent, so much so that we have lost touch with our individuality.

I like breaking the mould. If you want to rebel, rebel against this whole mindset. It’s a rebellion that enables people to be exactly who they need to be. I call it “do what makes your soul happy”.

What’s your personal #BeNatural mantra?
If we give Mother Earth 1% of the love she gives us each day, our lives would be more fulfilled. She is bleeding, so do your bit to heal her. Send her love and light, respect and nurture her.

And finally, your take on natural deodorants...
I was looking for a company that shared my beliefs, created products that didn't harm Mother Nature, was gentle and loving for my skin, plus does the job well. Aroha is a fantastic idea you all have brought to life, and the products are great! Love your honesty, sustainability and delightful philosophy. 

Any last words?
Keep up the good work. And spread the JOY!!!

Would you like to be a part of the #BeNatural campaign? Write in @ hey@arohalife.com and tell us about yourself and your #BeNatural mantras. We would love to hear from you!

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