Just about the only time when being virgin is better



We’ve all been exposed at some point to the therapeutic benefits of common oils like coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, et al. What we might be less exposed to, is the effectiveness of “industrialised” oils ie. when a company takes the oil from its most natural, pristine form and  “treats” it, to smell better, have a finer texture, et al.

BS (pardon our French)!

This refined, processed and deodorised version has in all probability been stripped of its natural value, and launched as commercial product with with 20% of its original benefit.

For instance, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil - produced by mechanically pressing it at temperatures not higher than 20 degrees fahrenheit - is considered to be the most pristine form of coconut oil, with multiple benefits, from supple skin to the strengthening of one's immunity. It has even been known to reduce the size of tumours and fight cancer.

But sadly, we live in a world where most of the commercial oils we buy have been adulterated in some way or the other, so the makers can derive maximum profits. Which is why it is becoming more and more important for consumers to understand not just the sources of the oil, but the process used to “improve” it. Truth be told, the less it has been refined, the better is the product.

We especially recommend the use of virgin oils in your own personal care routines, whether you use it to oil your hair, in a home facial, or in the shower. Some of the best ones (and our favourites!) remain the humble and stellar coconut oil, virgin almond oil and jojoba oil. A few drops of jojoba in your home facial can really hydrate the skin, while almond oil helps fight dandruff by simply nourishing the scalp.

A simple test to determine whether your oil is superior in quality, is to use some on your skin during a shower. If your post shower skin is dry, in all probability the oil has been adulterated. If not, you’ll know that the oil has permeated the skin, perfectly, leaving it soft and supple.

Aroha also uses these oils, you can be rest assured, in their purest forms.

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