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I love love love these natural deodorants by Aroha! I tried the woody fragrance, it's does its job really well. And the biggest plus is that the fragrance lingers all day! AND it's free of all the bad stuff! Great going guys! 👍Waiting to try the other fragrances.

Prisha Bajaj (Facebook)

Woodsy deodorant

Love this product! The fragrance isn’t strong but lasts an entire day .It isn’t an antiperspirant , but does a good job at masking body odour . This pocket size deo can go a long way. Would definitely recommend giving it a try .

Sameena Awayz (Amazon)

Totally loving the Mango Body Butter Vanilla Essence! The simplicity and purity of ingredients is astonishing and wonderful, and the scent of just-enough vanilla and faint hazelnut is gorgeous.

Nina Oh (Facebook)

Our Magic


Skin-safe & Nourishing

We use the highest grade natural ingredients in their most virgin form to keep their nutrients intact.


On Demand

We do not juice our products with chemicals, hence they have a short shelf-life and are available within a few days of manufacturing.



We try to use recycled or upcycled packaging to keep our footprint low. We also do not test our products on animals.

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